Meet the team

Within UMCPT we have various different forms of Talking Therapies, as a result we have an extensive IAPT team which includes multiple different disciplines. All of our team are qualified and accredited and are able to offer support with a multitude of different things.


As a growing service, we would not function without an efficient admin team supporting us. Currently the main hub of our administrative team are located within the University Medical Centre in Canterbury. If you are seeking support from us, currently engaging in therapy or have any queries it is highly likely that you will liaise directly with admin. They are all very knowledgeable and will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs) work within IAPT services and offer Guided Self Help using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) strategies. They act as an educator and supporter whilst the individual, as the expert on themselves, is able to undertake interventions and work towards their goals.

PWPs provide support for many different mental health difficulties including mild to moderate anxiety, panic and depression, and mild OCD, along with phobias, stress, and sleeping difficulties.

Support can be offered both face-to-face and over the telephone, to offer more flexibility and convenience for appointments.

CBT Therapists

CBT Therapists also work within IAPT services and provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This is usually a more intensive intervention compared to PWP guided self help, offering more in depth strategies to work towards particular goals.

CBT therapists are more able to work with a wider range of more complex and long standing problems related to anxiety and depression. More specifically; mild to moderate/severe depression, social anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, OCD, phobias, panic disorder and PTSD or trauma.


UMCPT has a large Counselling team, consisting of both full time employed and sessional Counsellors.  The entirety of our Counselling team is highly trained and experienced and are able to offer support in finding a way to address issues and difficulties; some of which which may be long-standing and which may affect many aspects of your life.

Counselling as a therapy  provides an opportunity to talk about painful feelings in a safe and non judgemental way, and offers the possibility of acceptance and change much like other options. There are many different theoretical approaches for Counselling, as a result our team has a wide variety of experience; from psychodynamic and humanistic to more integrative approaches.

We currently have a large number of Counsellors and Trainee Counsellors working within the service, all with different specialisms and backgrounds, able to work with a variety of difficulties including; trauma, domestic abuse, couples/relationship difficulties, bereavement, loss and anger, among other complex issue.

Specialist Therapist

In addition to these three core therapies, our IAPT service also offers more specialist types of therapies including; Couples Counselling, Counselling for Depression and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR). All of which are carried out by very experienced members of the team who have either a Counselling or CBT background.

For more information about each of these more specific options please click on the links below:

As you can see we have quite a large team which is continuing to expand. Usually your initial assessment will be with a PWP, during which you will be able to talk about these different approaches in more detail. For more information on the different types of therapy we offer, please click here. To access our support, please click here.