Service user reviews

“I was pleased with the service offered to me, it has giving me a lot to take away and think about. Also tools to help myself in the future should my problems arise again. I am very thankful.”

“This CBT block of sessions allowed me to understand what it actually is that keeps my mood down and how to change the pattern.”

” I was very sceptical about doing this last year, this time I have said yes and I have spoken to someone. It has been better than average, I think it is good to access support. From a fellas point of view it is advisable to do it, it opens up your thinking process in a different way. I thought I was a bulletproof, sometimes it is good to talk. If it can benefit anyone else to share this, I think it is has helped – you as an individual have got to help yourself. If you can help yourself, you have to engage yourself and engage your mind and look at yourself. Talk to yourself and ask yourself questions. Need time to reboot yourself and be able to carry on.”

“My Therapist really helped me identify the root of my issues and I have been able to take some big steps as a result of this therapy. I really needed to know this stuff and I am very grateful.”

“Over all I have been treated with up most respect and professionalism by my therapist, she has guided me through my most difficult time of my life, which I am most thankful for.”

“I found the service to be excellent in helping me and helped me to see situations differently.”

“Everything was very helpful and I felt like I was the priority and the help I got was catered to me.”

“I feel I have made massive progress with my therapist, he has a wonderful way with people and is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“This experience has helped me understand my thoughts massively. I feel able to carry on and put everything discussed into practice.”

“I have found CBT to be very helpful and feel like I have made huge progress because of the sessions and structure of the treatment.”

“I found these sessions really useful – I’m glad I had counselling.”

“The experience of the service was very good and better than my expectations. I would recommend CBT and I have actually seen a change and development within myself during my time using the service.”

“I am very pleased with the treatment I have been given. I feel very confident that I can use the information and have been given by my therapist to keep working on feeling better. She has really helped me and listened to everything I have said.”

 “My experience of the services was really helpful and I enjoyed coming here because it always made me feel so much better I now feel like I can have more of a positive attitude in life and be more prepared for other things to happen in the future.”

“I feel I got exactly what I hoped for and aimed for from the service. I think 8 sessions were the right amount too. I haven’t left feeling that I’ve wasted my time as I have with other services elsewhere.”

“The counselling helped more than I ever thought possible.”

“I was not sure that 6 weeks was going to be enough but am truly surprised that I have changed the way I think and deal with my anxiety within that time frame, it was very helpful indeed.”

“My Therapist has been absolutely fantastic, she has made so much difference to me in my daily life and I’m extremely grateful… I shall continue with the good work! Thank you…”

“I found my therapist very easy to talk to and comfortable to be around. She didn’t make me feel embarrassed about the issues I experienced and I was able to open up to her.”

“I found counselling very helpful without being too intrusive and was allowed to progress at my own speed.”

* PLEASE NOTE: Identifying information has been changed to protect confidentiality.